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India is home to many religions and gods. The Hinduism religion is one of the most popular religions in India and in other countries in Asia. Shiva is the principal god of the Hindus. Along with Shiva, Hindus also revere the sacred elephants.

Many Shiva's temples can be found in India and in other Hindu countries, particularly in Nepal and Sri Lanka. Discover everything about the Elephant and the Shiva's temples in India.

Shiva, a Hindi God

Shiva is one of the Hindi gods. Yogist, meditation practitioners and martial artists use the power of Shiva to meditate and develop their skills. In Shaktism, which is a Hinduism tradition, Shiva is worshipped by Hindus along with his wife Parvati for their energy and destructive power.

  • He is the one who transforms the universe.
  • He is the god of destruction.
  • He is among the creator, and is the destroyer of the worlds.
  • He is also known as the god of yoga, the god of meditation and the god of martial arts.

Shiva is related to the river Ganga, the crescent moon. A giant statue of Shiva in this description, and holding a trident can be found in Rangpuri, Dehli. With the trident, Hindus and Buddhists believe that Shiva can destroy three worlds at a single stroke.

  • Shiva is often portrayed as a fierce demon, with a serpent around his neck, a third eye on his forehead, and he is holding a trident. The trident is also known as the trishula.
  • It is Shiva's weapon as a god of destruction. It is also used as a principal symbol of the Hinduism and Buddhism religions.

Elephanta caves and Shiva's temples

Elephanta Caves are located on an island in Mumbai Harbor, which is approximately located at 10 km to the east of Mumbai, in Maharashtra, India. The elephant caves got its names from the stone elephant which was once stored at the south shore of Mumbai Harbor. The island is home to 5 Shaivite caves. The Hindu Shaivism believes and worships Shiva as the most Supreme Being. At on the side of the Elephanta Caves, you can see the Canon Hill. And at the other end, you can see the Stupa Hill.

  • Elephanta Caves are temples where Hindus and Shaivites have been veneering the god Shiva since the 2nd century BCE.
  • The iconic caves feature rock cut stone sculptures. Most parts of the sculptures and caves are damages, but the temples are still open to Hindus and Shaivites as places of worship.
  • Mandala patterns are used in the temples to depict the universe and the Hindu Shaivism mythologies.
  • The Elephanta Caves are enlisted among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites since June 1987.

Come to India

In order to fully discover the Shiva's temples at the Elephanta Caves, it is recommended to go to Maharashtra, India. The site is open for tourism. The Cave is amazing to see since it was carved from the rocks inside the caves. Make your flight reservation online through Opodo to go to the Cave site. Options for an accommodation are also available at the Opodo's website.