Discover the Bollywood industry in Mumbai

Photo Discover the Bollywood industry in Mumbai

The term Bollywood is associated with Indian cinema and movies. It is the largest movie industry in India. The Hindi movie industry was formerly based in Bombay. But now its head office is in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The term Bollywood is coined from the combination of Bombay and Hollywood. Read and discover the Bollywood industry in Mumbai.

What types of movies are produced in Bollywood?

The Bollywood movie industry produces all kinds of movies, especially those featuring:

  •  Love scenes
  •  Family scenes and Daily lifestyle
  •  Religious activities
  •  Patriotism, War and Martyrdom

What languages are used in Bollywood movies?

Basically, movies are made in Hindi. However, other dialects such as Hindi-Urdu or Hindustani are also used. In other movies, mixed languages are used. Hindi is mixed with English, and it is known as Hinglish. However, other movies are strictly made in English language.

  • Movie titles are in English and in Urdu: Urdu is the formal language in India. Film titles, song lyrics, romantic dialogues within the movie are basically in Hindi-Urdu. It is often common to hear Hindi songs in Bollywood movies.
  • Modern Indian movies are in Hinglish: This means that some the movie is both in Hindi and in English. The songs and movie titles are usually in English and in Hindi.

How many films are produced annually?

Bollywood is among the largest movie industries in the world, with an average annual production of 350 films. Bollywood makes up to 40% of the Indian movie industry revenue. Indian movie industry sells an average of 3.7 billion tickets annually; whereas Bollywood industry produces about one million less. This shows the great popularity of Bollywood movies.

Bollywood movie sound

Bollywood movies are particularly intriguing due to the fascinating sound quality, especially in songs. Initially, sounds were recorded separately from the videos. In fact, sound was recorded at a studio, with actors and actresses rehearsing their lines separately from the filming. Then, the sound was incorporated into the videos. As a result, the sound did not really synchronize with the videos. In addition, background noises were used to give much focus on the most important actors' feelings.

Nowadays, the Bollywood film industry uses a more sophisticated way to record better quality movies, which has given more popularity to the movies. In addition, contemporary Hindi movies do not have those background noises anymore to intensify the main character's negative feelings. However, a special sound is associated with each character to highlight their roles in the movies.

Women and Bollywood

Cine Costume Make-Up Artist & Hair Dressers' Association (CCMAA) ruled out that Indian women could not join the association. However, in 2014 the Supreme Court of India granted Indian women permission to join any profession they wish to have. Since then, Indian women have become free to work as makeup artists. Charu Khurana was the first woman to join the Cine Costume Make-Up Artist & Hair Dressers' Association. It took place in 2015.

Meet the Bollywood actors in India

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