Tourism in Mumbai : a few things to know before you go

Photo Tourism in Mumbai : a few things to know before you go

The commercial capital of India, the home of India's thriving film industries, Mumbai is alive with all human tides and their daily tasks. This vibrant seaside town is home to some of India's most renowned landmarks: the iconic India Gate and the Marine Drive known as the "Queen's Necklace". To make the most of your trip to this beautiful city, there are a few things you have to do.

When to go to Mumbai?

In Mumbai (formerly Bombay) is the state capital of Maharashtra. The climate is tropical, hot all year round, with a long, dry, sunny season, from around mid-October to early June. Because of the southwestern monsoon, the rainy season is from June to September or early October.

It is characterized by stifling weather, cloud cover and frequent rains, occurring almost daily and sometimes torrential rains. Winter is from December to February, with a nice, warm weather. During the day, it is very hot sometimes with a temperature of 35 or 36 Celcius degrees.

However, at night, the temperature drops to minus 20 ° C, or minus 15 ° C. Therefore, it is essential to bring a sweatshirt for precaution. The best time to visit Mumbai is in December. Mumbai is a perfect destination to escape the freezing cold winter and burning hot summer.

Prepare to leave

Travelers to Mumbai, India should know about the following precautions to enjoy their trip:

  •  Personal safety: Just like in any tourist destination, thefts and scams can happen. Therefore, always carry a copy of your official documents and never bring or show your original documents even to police officers.
  •  India, a cheap daily newspaper: it is not surprising that, in India, which is an extremely poor country, inequalities abound. One thing is certain, a trip to India should not be expensive. It is even possible for the most broke of you to live with just 330 INR, Indian rupees (€ 4.50) per day per person.
  •  Urban transport: Many means of transportation are available to get around India. Among these are the so-called auto-rickshaws or tuk-tuk. Normally, they are intended for two people; yet they may be packed with several people at the end. Traveling by tuk-tuk is a lot cheaper than by taxi; and by taking tuk-tuk, you can experience what it is like to live in the urban India with smells, dust and noise.
  •  To see and read: The films and books that present India are quite numerous. One of the most reputable authors is Dominique Lapierre. Passionate about travel, writing and cars, he wrote The City of Joy in 1985. Another notable author is Rohinton Mistry, a Canadian of Indian origin.

Book your flight and hotel

The last step before leaving is booking and confirming your flight and accommodation. Flying is the best way to get to Mumbai. Don't worry about that. Book your flight with Opodo, an online travel agency which cooperates with many tour operators and hotels all over the world: Also, get your plane tickets and accommodation at the best price with Opodo.